Wound Care

Advanced Wound Care Solutions by SOLVENT3™

Welcome to SOLVENT3™, where we redefine wound care with a commitment to excellence. Our dedication to advancing wound care has enabled clinics in our network to achieve remarkable results, increasing yearly net collections from mid-6 figures to low-7 figures while consistently providing exceptional care for 10-20 wounds per month. This success is the result of a powerful combination of market knowledge, established relationships, product expertise, and a deep commitment to patient outcomes.

Negotiating for Excellence

Our strong relationships and connections in the medical industry have allowed us to negotiate effectively with skin substitute manufacturers. This ensures that we can provide the best pricing and product options for our network of doctors. By leveraging our market position, we enable our network to access high-quality skin substitutes at competitive prices.

Skin Substitutes

Skin substitutes provide a wound covering and support for native tissues. Indicated for full and partial-thickness, acute, and chronic wounds. They can be applied in various wound care settings, and may be used alone or in combination with other wound care products. They can help promote healing and improve the appearance of the wound. Incredibly versatile wound covering for patients with diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcer, venous stasis ulcers, and chronic wounds.

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If you’re a healthcare professional seeking to elevate your wound care capabilities, SOLVENT3 welcomes you to join our network. Experience the benefits of working with a dedicated team committed to excellence in wound care. Contact us today to explore how we can enhance your wound care practice, improve patient outcomes, and achieve optimal reimbursement.